Thursday, January 24, 2008

While Listening to Music

In the previous blog entries, I have shared samples of music from some great traditions of Hindus, Muslims and Sufis. I would say from peoples who have been successful in keeping their glorious traditions alive. These traditions have always been very inspiring for me and I have spent countless nights just sitting and listening to the voices of these masters. They have been sweet as they always intensified my solitude, which I prefer to the roaring crowds within and without me. However, I was not on my way to find ultimate solitude, and they could never become my Sangat where I could locate my space. I have been on my path in one or other way, but they never left me alone and always provided me with some nice moments when I could feel, think and face some questions that I was not suppose to ignore.Most of the political activists do ignore these questions and make themselves, their movements and the other people pay the price. The questions at the moment are directed towards these maestros. Here are a few:

Who are these people?
Where do they come from and where do they go?
What are the points of origin(s) of these experience(s)?
Who do they belong to?
Who do I belong to?

I am facing these questions as a political activist. I think it is very important for me to listen and relate to music as a political activist as the music defines the nature of my activity very well and gets defined by it as it never has been. At moments, my activity is a metaphysical construction that gets deconstructed by music and steps forward to deconstruct the metaphysics in both music and poetry. Some people prefer to define my activism as a militant one, which does not really bother me, however, it makes difficult for many of us to appreciate the artwork without any romantic biases.

I will be listening to music during the coming days and would be exploring more of my questions, and would expect the support of the readers/visitors that I hope would make it easy for me to figure some ways out to respond violence that is prevalent within and without both music and political activism.

Guru Rakha,
Prabhsharandeep Singh

Ustad Salamat Ali Khan-Basant

He was 10 Years Old.Very Young!

Ustad Amir Khan - Raag Darbari Kanada, drut, teental

Pt Jasraj - Raag Basant