Monday, November 17, 2008

What’s Left After Obama?

All this talk of change may amount to little more than a fantasy.

Simon Critchley

Obama’s victory marks a symbolically powerful moment in American history, defined as it is by the stain of slavery and the fact of racism. It will have hugely beneficial consequences for how the United States is seen throughout the world. His victory was also strategically brilliant and his campaign transformed those disillusioned with and disenfranchised by the Bush administration into a highly motivated and organized popular force. But I dispute that Obama’s victory is about change in any significant sense.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article. This can be extended to relate to the mind. Wanting to be somewhere that you feel is home, and in the end still feel that you do not belong anywhere. You tear yourself up, searching...but in the end still end up trapped...however, in this case it seems that he found an unusual kind of freedom. I know this is probably very far off from the understanding of this article... jsut sharing the thoughts that came to mind upon reading it.

Anonymous said...

sorry....this comment was for your January post...i will post it there now.